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Posted 8/24/2016

Got home from work late last night to find a Loot Crate sitting in my office chair.  So before school this morning, my daughter and I opened it and checked out the loot.  The theme this month was anti-hero:











First up, an exclusive Harley Quinn from Q-Fig, which went to my daughter.

Then an exclusive Archer T-shirt from Ripple Junction.  I'm wearing it now.

The exclusive Kill Bill socks, from Loot Crate Labs, also went to my daughter.  She always gets the socks.  I don't think I could pull them off as well as she does.

But the exclusive Hellboy "coin bank" from Zak Designs, I'm keeping that.

And last, the box itself is always sort of a loot crate gift.  The boxes almost always have some transformative quality about them.  They'll form scenes or turn into a gameboard.  I think they outdid themselves this month; the box turns into a Harley Quinn mallet.  Also in my daughter's room waiting for her to get home from school.  Enjoy, Sweetpea.  I lurve ya.   

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Posted 8/23/2016

 It started out as just another Superboy story--on the face of it, perhaps a bit more innovative than most, although it was published during one of the most creatively unique periods in DC Comics' history.

It wound up changing the entire comics field.

The Legion of Super-Heroes was merely a clever title for a group of teenaged super-heroes (only three of whom were actually named) from the far future who went back in time to pay tribute to the greatest teenaged super-hero of them all--the Boy of Steel, Superboy.  But the interest on the part of comics fans was so great, the super-team was brought back time and time again, in the majority of Superman Family titles.  Eventually, demand grew so strong the Legion of Super-Heroes was awarded its own continuing series.

While quite a number of significant Legionnaires made their first appearances throughout the earliest years--Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Sun Boy, Phantom Girl, Chamleon Boy, Triplicate Girl, Bouncing Boy, Star Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, Shrinking Violet, and Ultra Boy--the membership roster continued to grow...and, indeed, continues to grow to this day.

Under the direction of editor Mort Weisinger, these early Legion of Super-Heroes stories were produced by much of the Who's Who of Superman Family writers and artists of the 1950s and 1960s: Otto Binder and Al Pastino (who produced the initial Legion appearance in Adventure Comics #247), George Papp, Jim Mooney, John Forte, Curt Swan, Sheldon Moldoff, and George Klein.  The majority of Legion appearances during these early years came from the typewriter of the writer who started it all: Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.

This first volume of the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives includes, in their entirety, all of the significant appearances of the teenaged super-team prior to the establishment of the ongoing series, as well as the first half-dozen stories in the regular series--culminating with one of the most significant comic book stories ever published.

Along with The All-Star Archives and the Justice League of America Archives, the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives is the latest addition to DC'S Archive Editions series, joining The Superman Archives and The Batman Archives to provide the definitive collection of the most important ongoing series in the history of American comic books.

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Ginger-Apple Pork Chops For Lunch

Posted 8/23/2016

While I've always enjoyed cooking, my skill level is pretty low.  I can make spaghetti and tacos.  That about does it for me.  So I decided a while back to try some of the recipes in this book I have, Taste of Home, Simple & Delicious Cookbook.  I got two recipes in and forgot about it.  The salsa fish and garlic chicken 'n' gravy were both pretty good, though.  So over the weekend I figured I'd try the next recipe in the book: ginger-apple pork chops.  I like apple, I like pork chops.  I'm tolerant of ginger.  Let's try it.  So today for lunch before work, I made ginger-apple pork chops for lunch.  They weren't bad, I just didn't think they were particularly delicious.  I may have under-seasoned the chops.  I definitely didn't brown them enough.  But here's what I wound up with, followed by the recipe if you'd like to try ginger-apple pork chops for yourself (the picture in the cookbook looks better; I definitely over-dressed it):

6 boneless chops (I used 2)
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon vegatable oil
1 can (21 oz) apple pie filling
12 gingersnaps, crumbled
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 cups unsweetened apple juice
Cut a pocket in each pork chop. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. In a large skillet, brown chops in oil on both sides. Cool for 5 minutes. Comebine the pie filling and gingersnaps; stuff some of the mixture into the pocket of each pork chop. Set the remaining micture aside.
Secure pork with toothpicks. Place in a grased 15-in.X10-inX1-in. baking pan. Cover and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 160. Discard toothpicks.
In a small saucepan, combine cornstarch and apple juice until smooth. Stir in the reserved pie filling mixture. Bring to a boil; cool and stir for 1 minute or until thickened. Serve over pork chops.
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Posted 8/19/2016


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Posted 8/18/2016

 For some reason, Amazon won't let me publish this review on their site.  Luckily I have my own:


No. NO NO NO!!! Just NO, man. Come on, what’s wrong witchu? This isn’t a book. It’s certainly not one you want to read.

I first discovered the author on YouTube while watching office tour videos--don’t judge me! He had a pretty slick set-up and seemed to be doing quite well for himself. So I watched a few more videos. Then I checked out his website and everything screeched to a halt when I realized his big “plan” for making millions off Amazon was to search keyword topics that were selling, then hire people in the Phillipines to write books about those topics, pay them a few bucks, and publish the book as if HE had written it. All respect and credibility in this guy vanished right then.

So I have NO idea how this book wound up on my Kindle. But here it was, so I read it. First off, he has no advice for you. None he came up with himself, that is. He spends the entire book touting the teachings of his “mentors”, namely Tony Robbins. Um, I can buy a Tony Robbins book myself, you know, you don’t have to echo him all the time. Tony’s doing okay by himself, dude. How about an ORIGINAL thought.

Second … look, I don’t care what the message is, I don’t care where the ideas originated, I don’t care how successful I can be if I implement your steps to a better life, nor how doomed I am if I ignore them. I’m a writer. I’ve been doing this for over TWO DECADES, and for a lot of that time I wasn’t making a dime at it, I did it because I love writing and have the utmost respect for this process and this craft. You, sir, neither love nor respect it. My first clue was when I read the phrase “and so fourth” in your book. Well, maybe it’s typo. Because I was finding PLENTY of those in this book. But when I read it a second time, no, I knew you just didn’t care. And for the record, it’s “and so forth.” Also, I’m no business major, but I’m pretty sure the phrase you were seeking was “fortune 500 companies” NOT “fortunate 500 companies.”

And for people who are thinking of getting this book to see what great life-changing strategies he has in store for you … first of all, it all boils down to this: you have to make lots of lots of lists and spreadsheets, you have to COMMIT to your goals and you have to REALLY WANT IT. Well, thanks for clearing that up. And second, come on, this isn’t writing. This is more like the ramblings of a cocaine-fueled monkey. I’ve read better prose from high school students, and not the bright ones. Here are a few excerpts from the last two chapters.

“If you’re hanging out with people who lack results in their lives and are in the same position of you…”


“The moment you raise your standards and begin improving yourself, either two things can occur:”

You don’t say.

“Why are you doing that for?”

(confused look)

“But, when you have a coach holding you accountability and making sure you’re following through…”

You wanna double-check that one?

“from nearly all self-help guru’s is that” as well as “and countless other ‘guru’s’ preach the same advice.”

Oh come on, this is basic stuff!

“Imagine as if attempting to achieve a goal as like being stuck in the middle of the jungle…”

Man, you are really just not re-reading this before you hit publish, are you?

“I followed his program, did exactly what I said, and I got results.”

Nope, I was right; you’re not.

“ I ended up hiring a coach who was an expect in internet marketing.”

You cannot EXPECT me (or should I say expert me) to believe this dude is, as he claims, a “six-figure blogger” and “one of the top life coaches in the world.” On what part of fantasy island, because if THIS is the best the world has to offer, we are doomed as a civilization, folks. He can’t even proofread a book? Look, I expect a typo or TWO here and there, but these were all just in the last two chapters, because that’s when I decided to start writing them down. But the entire book reads like this. Do you know how hard it is to take any sort of “life coach” advice seriously when you’re too busy shaking your head over how stupid he sounds?

I thought life coaches were supposed to help you improve? If I hired this guy, I’d never get out of life alive (that’s a G’N’R reference, which I quoted incorrectly, then looked up to VERIFY MY FACTS AND MY WORDING, AND CORRECTED BEFORE PUBLISHING. There, I just coached you how to do something. That’ll be $10,000).

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Posted 8/17/2016

Well, if there was anywhere in town to get new comics, these are the ones my kids and I would have got today.  As it is, I'll have to order them.  We all thought about just going digital, but there's something so much more satisfying about holding the comic in your hands.  I think digital is a good alternative for back issues you won't find otherwise, but for new books, I think we're gonna stick with the floppies, wherever we can find them.  Anyway, my son got 2, my daughter also got 2, and I got 3.  And by "got" I mean will when I order them.  Click the covers to read along:












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Day 2, +1559 WORDS

Posted 8/16/2016

Today was a decent day for writing despite not getting as much time as I wanted, thanks to a super late night at work.  But I did manage to add 1559 words to the new project.  This one makes me nervous every time I sit down to work on it, because while I've got a very rough guide for the course of the book, I'm still basically feeling my way along in the dark.  Today I realized I skipped a step and had to go back and figure out where to add it in without breaking up the flow of what I'd already written.  I'm still not sure I slipped it in smoothly enough, but the beauty of the nature of this one is that once I'm done with the first draft, the edits will be much easier than if I were editing fiction.

I'm going to send what I have so far to my friend Dave, because he's mentioned in it, so I need to get his approval and his opinion.  For now, I think that's all the writing update I have for the day.  I did make THE WEREWOLVES OF GREEN LAKE free on Kobo, but that hasn't gone into effect just yet.  But if you're a Kobo reader, within the next day or two.  I'll keep you posted here.

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Posted 8/15/2016

I wrote 452 words today. I remember a time that would have been amazing. Back then, my goal every day was 500 words, and I gave myself 2 hours to do it, and most days it took almost the entire 2 hours. I couldn’t tell you why it was so tough back then except I remember feeling as if every sentence needed to lead fluidly into the next, but since, most of the time, I had no idea where a story was going from one scene to the next, that fluidity was hard to achieve. And I can’t even tell you when I turned the corner and those words starting coming faster every day. What I CAN tell you is it’s no longer uncommon to do 2000 words in a day, over a 2-hour spread. I don’t always get that many words--today is a great example--but when I’m deep in the work, it’s a goal I often reach.

As for those 452 words today, they’re just the start. It’s the introduction to a new project, a non-fiction one I won’t go into too much detail here, so close to the beginning, but one I’ve been thinking a lot about over the last several weeks. I wanted to do more, but those 452 words today wrapped up pretty well what I wanted to say in the introduction. I’ll probably go back and flesh it out with more specifics later, as I get further into the book and more structure begins to emerge, but for now it’s a decent start. It’s certainly better than 0 words.

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Posted 8/10/2016

All things being equal, the kids and I stand to get some great comics this week.  However, with Hastings going out of business, they've been getting fewer and fewer titles every week.  So I have no idea how many, if ANY, of these books will be there when we go in today, but for now these are the books that came out this week--which ones we are able to get remains to be seen.  Two for my son, four for my daughter, and six for me.  Click the covers to read along with us:































 I have, sadly, decided to drop A-Force.  It's a great book, so well-written, but it's just not something I feel compelled to keep up with.  Maybe in trade?  I'm actually working toward dropping Marvel altogether if they don't get their shit together and STOP RELAUNCHING ALL THEIR TITLES EVERY YEAR.  I've already decided when each Marvel book I'm reading ends and the new series starts, I'm not getting it.  It's just stupid.  If they can't be bothered, why should I?  I've already got what may be my last DOCTOR STRANGE, the conclusion to the LAST DAYS OF MAGIC story...or maybe not.  That is a really excellent book, so maybe the most recent issue will convince me to keep going.  But the new A-Force is a Civil War II tie-in and while I'm really loving the main Civil War II story, I'm not really reading many of the tie-ins, so for me this is a good place to stop.  As for these DC Rebirth books ... I really wish Hastings wasn't closing because they're the only new comic shop in town.  There's a back-issue store in south end I've been cleaning out, but for new books we're either going to have to go full digital, which I'm not thrilled about--I love the look and feel of the physical "floppies"--or I'm going to have to order them online.  If I go to online ordering, now's a really good time to drop what I can, because in addition to cover price, there's also shipping to think of.  We'll see what happens.  For now, I'm still going to get what I can from Hastings, and just keep my comixology wishlist expanding to keep track of what I still need to order.  And I know, I know, that Avengers book is a Civli War II tie-in.  Well, that's Avengers.  Avengers is a book I really really love.  And I know, I know, that Daredevil is the start of a new storyline.  But Charles Soule is kicking so much ass on this book, there's just no way it's time to drop it just yet.  He's one of the best writers in comics today.  So shut it.

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THE MONSTERS OF GREEN LAKE, Book 2: The Vampires of Green Lake

Posted 8/7/2016

Damned internet connectivity issues, I didn't get to post my Fiction Friday.  And Fiction Sunday doesn't quite work.  But here's what I was GOING to say on Friday, that my new book, The Vampires of Green Lake is available!

 The werewolves were dead and David Reed just wanted life for his family to return to normal. But a mysterious wooden box found in the woods suggests that word has a whole new meaning, one he’s not prepared for. As he tries to uncover the secrets of the box, a new threat emerges from the night, and it’s targeting those closest to him. David has to unlock the mystery of the box in order to uncover the face in the darkness and the source of those horrible sounds coming from down the hall. What will he do when the vampires come calling on Green Lake?

You can get the book for $0.99 on Amazon (more platforms coming soon), or get it for FREE when you sign up for my newsletter.  The story picks up immediately after the events of The Werewolves of Green Lake and has, what I think is, one of my best endings yet.  Also one of the hardest to write.  But don't let that scare you away.  I think it's a pretty good book, and hopefully you will, too. 

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