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CURRENTLY READING: The Loveliest Dead, by Ray Garton

Posted 10/14/2016

Happy 44th Birthday to me.  Today I started reading:

The Loveliest Dead, by Ray Garton

To most people it's just a large house, old and a bit run-down.  To the Kellar family it's a new start, a chance to wipe out the painful past and begin again.  But soon it will become a living nightmare.  The terrors begin before the Kellars have even finished unpacking.  They hear things, see things, shadowy glimpses into the impossible, things that are there--and then gone.

Who are the mysterious children playing on the rusty vine-covered swing set in the backyard?  Who is the figure sitting in the dark corner of the bedroom at night?  Who--or what--waits in the basement?  They are the dead and they cannot rest.  Horror stalks the halls of the Kellar house.  And the secrets of the past are reaching from beyond the grave to destroy the living.

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Posted 10/13/2016

Do you like free stuff as much as I do?  Of course you do, who you fooling?  That's why you're gonna want to get in on this while you can. For the next three days, Oct 13-15, my Angel Hill short story "Carlotta Valdez" is going to be FREE.  What's it about?

There are many ghosts that wander the halls of the Mertland Childrens’ Home in Angel Hill. The story of what happened to Carlotta Valdez has grown into legend, but the truth is very, very different. For one angry young woman, Mertland has a way of paying back what’s due.


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Posted 10/6/2016

No idea what it's about, but this is what I'm reading next.  I just happened to find all the individual issues at this place in south end that sells back issues for $1, no matter what issue it is.  And they're Alex Ross covers.  That alone is worth twice what I paid for these things.  To read along, get the collected edition digitally here:






















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WRITER'S LIBRARY, 2 new books by C. Dennis Moore

Posted 10/4/2016

Today I finished the first draft of Part II of my upcoming nonfiction book, and that made me think of the two most recent books I put out, also nonfiction, but which I released with little to no fuss over the last few weeks.

 The first one is my Writer's Workbook, which I put out because I was tired of tracking down a notepad to write stuff down in, or of keeping straight what notepad was for what, and then you gotta deal with the pages falling out, and it was more trouble than it was worth just to track sales and keep notes on stories and goals and character development.  So I put together this book of templates meant to help me in keeping it all straight, and in one handy place.  The book is on a shelf on my desk, always in the same spot, unless I take it out to write something in it, and I'm not worried about the pages falling out.

The first part of the book is a series of blank character sketch templates where I can create and keep track of my characters.  I used to do this on a bunch of loose sheets I'd printed off years ago, but I could never remember where I put them, so this book is going to help there greatly.

Then I have my goals and notes pages where I can just write down things I need to get done, things I want to get done, ideas I have for various projects or promotions, etc.

And finally, the last part of the book is a bunch of blank spreadsheet templates which I where I write down my daily sales in all platforms and versions, whether print, ebook, or audio.  This is the part I use the most, daily in fact, and it's the entire reason I wanted to put this book together in the first place.

My original plan had been to just leave it in draft on CreateSpace and order a proof copy any time I filled a book.  Then I decided it wouldn't hurt to offer something like this to other writers who've found themselves in similar situations as far as not being sure where or how to keep track of things that, as writers, we actually use almost every day.  So you can get the book--in print only; an ebook version wouldn't do you much good, would it?-- from Amazon here.


The second book, 10 Writing Prompts that Work (and the stories to prove it), was inspired one night, put together the next day, and published on day three.  Finding ideas to write stories around has never been a problem for me, but I know it's one many writers, especially beginning writers, struggle with, so I wanted to offer a book showing just how easy it is to get viable ideas that can be turned into publishable stories.  A lot of other writing prompt books I've seen have offered ideas, sure, but most of them are ideas for writing practice, but rarely offer ideas than can actually be turned into real stories.

So I set out to do something different.  This book offers ten of my favorite and most-often used writing prompts, plus includes a short story I wrote having used that very prompt.  I hope this book is an inspiration for writers and helps them stock their writer's toolbox.  And if someday I happen to come across a story or novel that was written from something I suggested, that'd be pretty cool, too.

This book is available in both print and ebook formats, also on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and Books2Read.

Hopefully one or both of these books can be added to your writer's library and provide help and inspiration for a long time.

And if you're interested in seeing more, what other ideas I have up my sleeve or just when my next book is coming, sign up for the email list--and get free stuff like ebooks and audiobooks in return--here.

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Posted 10/3/2016

 October's Basic Box:

Tombow Dual Brush Pens--Portrait Set ($16.99): These are some of our favorite double ended brush pens due to their versatility and value.  Two tips allow for broad strokes and pinpoint precision.  The nibs can also be dipped in water to create subtle color washes!

2 x Zig Art and Graphic Twin Markers ($3.58 each): These markers are filled with a waterbased dye that is odorless and xylene-free.  The flexible rubber brush tip creates a variety of line and stroke sizes, while maintaining its spring and shape without fraying.  The fine-point (0.8 mm) fiber tip is ideal for detail work, sketching, or finishing touches.

Chameleon Detail Pen ($4.99): Use the Chameleon Black Detail Pen for illustrating or outlining.  It is a double-ended pen with two Fine Line nibs (0.6 mm and 0.4 mm).  The marker contains black dye-based ink that is permanent when dry and compatible with alcohol-based inks.


And this month's featured artist is Fatma Sahem:

"My name is Fatma and I'm a graphic designer and an artist from beautiful sunny Dubai.  When I'm not doing my job as a graphic designer, you will find me in a coffee shop or corner somewhere sketching and drawing in my sketchbook.  I've always had a great love for art and drawing.  I recently started making youtube videos of my drawings and paintings, since they are my favorite type of videos to watch.  I also have an online shop where I sell most of my artworks.  Please do check it out!

Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Store, Website

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Posted 10/2/2016

I'm on a newuniversal kick over here and with that I'm reading:




















but I don't have issues 2 or 6, so I'm reading the collected edition: 










I'll be following this up with the 2-issue limited series and a one-shot:

   I'm a HUGE fan of Marvel's original New Universe titles, and Warren Ellis's re-imagining of that universe is amazing.  I'm eager to dive in!

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Posted 9/25/2016

THE ETERNALS, by Neil Gaiman

You are thousands of years old. You have amazing powers. You have watched civilizations rise and fall. So why does no one remember any of this? Bestselling Author Neil Gaiman (Marvel: 1602, Anansi Boys, Sandman) is joined by superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine) to present a tale that will change the Eternals and the Marvel Universe forever! Collects Eternals #1-7.

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COMICS HAUL (back issues):

Posted 9/23/2016

I almost forgot to mention I got comics in the mail a few days ago.  I'm trying to catch up on some back issues I missed the first time around that Hastings never got, plus a new one I didn't want to miss.  My daughter got one, my son got two, the rest were MINE.  As always, click the covers to read along with us:






















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Posted 9/21/2016

It's LOOTCRATE time.  The these this month was SPEED!  This is what came:





















This exclusive Flash hood ornament is SWEEEEEET, but I'm not sure I want to stick it on my Jeep.  I totally WOULD, I just don't want to risk losing it.  So I put it on my file cabinet instead.  For now.

Next up, an exclusive Battlestar Galactica "scar" vinyl replica.  This goes well with the Futurama ship I got a few months ago.

The T-shirt this month is an exclusive Stark Industries Racing Tee, which I'll be wearing tomorrow.

The exclusive Batwing keychain is a troublesome item because most Batman things go directly to my son.  But I really like this ...  

Finally, the Gone In 60 Seconds "Eleanor" die-cast car is cool, but I'm not sure yet what to do with it.

And Loot Crate is really going out of their way with the boxes lately.  Last month's box turned into Harley Quinn's mallet while this month it truly is a transformer, becoming this race car.  It's ugly as hell, but still pretty cool.

To enhance the Loot Crate experience, you can check out these links:

Spotify Playlist

Theme Hub


Digital Zine 

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Posted 9/16/2016

Universal War One, by Denis Bajram

2058. Humanity has colonized our entire solar system. In the middle of a civil war between the core planets and distant outlying planetary settlements, an immense black wall appears, cutting our solar system in two. The black wall absorbs all light and matter, and it's up to a band of disgraced soldiers to investigate the phenomenon.

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