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Posted 10/13/2015

 Master storyteller Stephen King's dark fantasy epic spills onto the mean streets of New York City!  If you thought the apocalyptic badlands of Mid-World were dangerous, wait until you experience Brooklyn in the 60's and 70's!  Meet Eddie Dean, a haunted young man gifted with the ability to open doors to other worlds.  Now, Eddie must survive family tragedy, vicious addiction and deadly forces that conspire to stop him from growing up to challenge the Man in Black!

Without his mother, what will happen to Eddie and his troubled brother, Henry?  What horrors await within the cursed Dutch Hill Mansion?  And what offer does the criminal called Balazar make?  With magic portals appearing, strange voices in his head, and monstrous lobstrosities hungry for his flesh, can Eddie survive his desperate mission to save his brother's life?

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Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 1: "First Time Again"

Posted 10/12/2015


Let’s start with the obvious question: Did “First Time Again” have to be 90 minutes? My opinion? No, it did not. Mixing flashbacks with the present doings as the Alexandrians, led of course by Rick and his group, lead a flood of Walkers away from their quarry prison, and away from Alexandria, the season six premiere followed up on the awesome season five finale, but did very little to advance the story.

We’re introduced to some new characters including Ethan Embrey’s “Carter”, only to see him die before the episode is over, begging the question why cast a known actor if he’s not even gonna make the end of the show? Unless misdirection was the plan. We get a lot of character moments, mostly Rick telling established Alexandrians how it is in the new world, which I think we’ve all understood for a while now, even the Alexandrians.

There was a pretty good moment between Rick and Carter in the hallway, even if it was more of the same, but sometimes Rick the ass-kicker is way more interesting than Rick the lecturer.

Despite being overly long and containing some pretty damned unnecessary flashback shots, I did enjoy the episode. I hope Morgan sticks around for a long time, I love the character and I think he can bring Rick back to earth quicker than anyone else in his group, mostly because he hasn’t gone through all the things Rick and the others have and I think he still has some perspective, whereas Glen, Darryll, Maggie, Abraham and the rest, they’re almost as damaged as Rick seems.

I wondered if there would be anything from the comics in the new episode, possibly setting up something that might eventually lead to Negan and the Saviors, but I’m really starting to doubt that storyline…not that it won’t happen, obviously Negan HAS to happen, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen in the same way. SURELY someone would have said something to them about tributes and saving enough supplies back for Negan by now. At least, I would think so. I don’t know how long they’ve been there in the show’s timeline, but I can’t imagine it wouldn’t have been brought up at least once already, in passing or accidentally. So I don’t think it’s going to go down quite the way people are expecting, but surely it’s going to happen in one way or another.

But as for this episode, the only carryover I could see from the comics was the idea of the herd. Otherwise, the episode was all original material. I like when they go off the path of the comic series because it keeps me guessing, but sometimes the story Kirkman is telling in the comics is just too good to ignore. So we’ll see how things go from here. I liked the episode, but I’m not sure it needed to be that long, and that ending…there are cliffhangers and there are CLIFFHANGERS!!!

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Posted 10/11/2015

Peter Parker was your typical teenage nerd--until a bite from an irradiated spider granted him incredible arachnid-like abilities!  It's been a rough life for the web-headed hero.  He's saved New York, the world and countless TV dinners, all while trying to live up to his uncle's dying words: "With great power comes great responsibility."  But his life is starting to look up: He's finally got the respect of the Avengers, a real job that doesn't involve costumes and a gorgeous girl who doesn't mind corny jokes.  And we all know what that means: The Hobgoblin's back to ruin it all! To beat him, Spidey will need all the friends he can get--including the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.  It's a new status quo in the life, love and adventures of Peter Parker and Spider-Man!

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The Flash, season 2, episode 1: The Man Who Saved Central City

Posted 10/9/2015

I can't believe I forgot.  When I set up my weekly Netflix TV schedule, I had Wednesday reserved for "Gotham", but I forgot "The Flash", which airs on Tuesday, and which I watch on Wednesday because I'm at work Tuesday night and don't have a choice, was coming back for season two very soon.  I got a whole one episode of "Gotham" watched before I had to postpone the next one.  "The Flash" is back, back in a BIG way, and it's definitely going to take precedence.

The episode picks up 6 months after the season finale, and at first I thought that was a cheap shot, but soon came to realize it was necessary, because the emotional beats that came from that finale needed the aftermath first, then the catch up.

Barry has cut himself off from his friends, working alone now, keeping things going in STAR Labs while Cisco is now working with the police on a metahuman task force and Caitlyn has taken a job at Mercury Labs.  Barry, as The Flash, has been keeping Central City safe and also using his speed to help rebuild the businesses that were destroyed in the aftermath of the singularity that ended the previous season.

It's only later we learn the fate of Firestorm, and it's a rough moment.

Things are all bad, though: the mayor is giving The Flash the key to the city, so there's plenty of Flash love to go around.  There's also the appearance of a new, seemingly unstoppable metahuman in The Atom Smasher.  No one's going to claim the CGI in television shows is great, but aside from Grodd last season "The Flash" has been pretty decent with theirs.  Until now.  That was some really bad effects work, there.

But that's not the big thing here.  Because, sure we get a new villain and sure Flash has to get over his reluctance to work with people again because it's much easier to keep them all safe when he works alone, and blah blah blah, all very good.  Excellent episode.  But, no, there's more.  In these 42 minutes, I got choked up THREE DAMN TIMES.  And it's not the first time it's happened while watching this show.  Maybe it's because I grew up reading THE FLASH comics, so I know these characters pretty well, but not really because Wally West was my Flash while Barry Allen was already lost to the CRISIS.  No, it's not my history with the character, it's the show itself.  These actors are SO good and the writers are SO on point at those emotional beats that, dammit, I just want the entire season right now so I can binge it and get those feels.


Barry's dad is cleared of the murder charges.  Harrison Wells leaves Barry a videotaped confession and if the realization of this wasn't enough for me as the viewer, Grant Gustin sells the moment like a fucking champ!  I cannot believe he's not going to play The Flash in the DC Movieverse, that is not only bullshit, it's RIDICULOUS!  I was weary at first because John Wesley Shipp was my always my TV Flash--and don't even get me started on how well these two play father and son, every time Shipps looks at Gustin with pride in his eyes, I feel like it's the real thing, like he's really truly proud of what this young man is doing with the role Shipp originated, and dammit if that doesn't get me where it counts, too!--but Gustin has more than proven himself capable of not only performing in the role but killing it!  He IS Barry Allen, he IS The Flash.

And that confession moment was only ONE of the three times this episode nearly moved me to tears.  Three times, y'all.  In 42 minutes!!!

This is excellent television, excellent drama, and, in my opinion, the BEST show on television currently.  Not just the best comic book-themed show, but for me this is the best in general.  I DVR a lot of things during the week and for the most part I wait until the weekend to catch up, but not with "The Flash".  This is next day viewing for me.  If you haven't seen it and want to get in on the action, you can watch it online here.

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This Week's Comics Haul, 10/7-8/15

Posted 10/8/2015

Let's try this again.  I was having some connection issues yesterday when I tried to post this week's comics haul, but hopefully it's better today.  This was a pretty good haul this week, with my son getting 6 comics, my daughter 2, and I got 9 (one of them a back issue, you'll see it).  So here's the haul:





































  This last one, the JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA comic, I got for $0.99.  I wasn't even looking for it, I just happened to glance to the left while walking past the back issue racks and there it was staring out at me.  Now, any comic that apes the famous Exorcist poster for their cover, I'm buying it, I don't care what it is. It just so happens I used to collect this very series and probably started soon after this issue came out, so it'll fit right in with the rest of my comics.  Good haul this week, lots of great books.

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Doctor Who, "Spearhead From Space", part 2

Posted 10/6/2015


The second part of the Third Doctor's first story, "Spearhead From Space" features some of the creepiest monsters in Doctor Who history, in their first appearance.  The Daleks, the Cybermen, they're pretty bad.  But the Autons are just plain unsettling.  And they've got the perfect disguise!

Pertwee finally gets to do some work as The Doctor and I like him so far.  Matt Smith will always be MY Doctor, but Pertwee is obviously having fun and relishing the role.  I don't think I needed to see him quite THAT naked in the shower, but the scene was funny and it introduced the Third Doctor's "costume".

The 1970s effects and sets look really bad, but fortunately the story is fun enough to distract from the low budget and terrible quality.  Except for the close up shot of the Auton walking toward the camera.  Holy crap, that was bad.

I do think it's best I got into Doctor Who with the latest run and not the original (in fact, one of my teachers used to bring VHS tapes of the Fourth Doctor to school and let us watch them, and that's one of the reasons I avoided The Doctor for so long; the quality on those things was terrible!) because I'm not sure I would have been able to stick with the show if this had been my introduction.  I will continue with it, of course; it's Doctor Who and I'm now a lifelong Whovian.  But these old episodes have some really rough spots for sure.  Also, I'm not sure if watching one episode a week, as they originally aired, is best.  I wanted to give it a try, but I think I might be able to enjoy the story better if I watch it all at once, or at least one per day.  I think having an entire week between episodes gives me too time to forget what happened and to put too much distance between me and the story.  So I'll definitely have to rethink my Netflix TV schedule.  At the same time, though, I have so many I want to watch, I hate the thought of devoting too much time to just one show and ignoring the others.  I'd hoped this one episode of each a week would feel natural since that's how I grew up watching TV, in the days before binge-ing was a thing.

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Arrow, Episode 1: Pilot

Posted 10/5/2015

Here's another series I put off starting for far too long.  I never watched "Smallville" (another one I need to dig into), but I had seen enough to be familiar with some of the characters, and Green Arrow was one of them.  So when this series was announced, I expected it to be a spin-off.  Then some new guy was going to play the character and the look was going to be totally different.  My interest was shot right there.

But as the series went on, the word began to spread and finally it became, or so I had read, THE show to watch.  Still, I hesitated. Then this series spawned a spin-off of it's own in "The Flash", which I HAVE been watching, and loving, from the beginning.  And when Oliver Queen and company made their crossover guest appearances, my interest in this show was rekindled.  So I finally sat down to watch the pilot.  And I loved it.

While on a boat with his father, Oliver is stranded on an island where he has to learn to survive for five years before he's rescued.  His father died in the accident, but no before divulging his secrets to his son and getting a promise from him that, when he returns home, Oliver will put right all the bad things his father did.  Back home now, Oliver is doing just that, starting with returning $40 million from a local businessman who has stolen and swindled his way to the top.  Donning a green hood and a bow and arrow, Oliver Queen is the unofficial protector of Starling City, a city his father, unbeknownst to Oliver until that boat trip, helped run into the ground.

Stephen Amell is a great Oliver, and the rest of the cast, while doing their part, it's still a little early to judge just yet.  For now, everyone was given the standard TV show stuff to work with.  He's got a drug-addict little sister, who did have a moment with Oliver when she was explaining how alone she's been since his disappearance that really helped flesh out the character.  He's got an ex-girlfriend who, during his absence, has become an idealistic lawyer, ho hum.  I should mention, however, that her name is Dinah Lance, and that's good news for Green Arrow fans, because a certain Black Canary can't be far behind.

Bodyguard John Diggle and best friend Tommy Merlyn round out the ensemble.  Diggle, I already know, is going to become very important to Green Arrow, but Tommy, I'm not sure of.  A quick check shows he only appears in 26 of 92 episode, so I'm going to call it right now and say he's an enemy and will eventually be killed, either at Green Arrow's hand or by one of Oliver's associates.  Either way, he's going to die while in the middle of doing something evil.  That's just my feeling.

The pilot episode had just enough character- and world-building, mixed with just the right amount of action and adventure, that ARROW is definitely finding its way into my TV rotation.  Well, my Netflix rotation, anyway.

I know Marvel is killing it with movies for the past few years, and DC is struggling to find its footing and catch up, but I think they should abandon movies and focus all their attention on TV because they are tearing it up in that medium.  "The Flash", "Arrow", before this, "Smallville".  Even "Gotham", which isn't as good--yet--but still entertaining.  This is where DC Comics is shining for me, and I'd love to see them throw everything that have into television.  That's just my opinion, though.

(also, final note, the easter egg of the Deathstroke mask on the island when Oliver is rescued, AWESOME!!!  I have to know the story behind that!)

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Posted 10/5/2015


A Super-Soldier Serum granted Steve Rogers incredible strength and agility--but his steadfast spirit made him Captain America, living legend.  Cap is a man out of time, frozen for decades after World War II.  His oldest enemy, the Red Skull, has haunted him through it all--but now the Skull is dead. Or so it seems.  But there are other forces at work.  A Cosmic Cube, capable of altering reality itself, is in the hands of a strange.  To retrieve the Cube, Cap will have to face another ghost from his past.  The Winter Soldier is a Soviet legend, a man supposedly returned from the dead.  So why does he look so familiar?  Can the Star-Spangled Avenger confront the ghost and find the Cube before his country falls?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Episode 1: "Pilot"

Posted 10/3/2015

 So I FINALLY got to see Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and I loved it.

I tried to watch the show when it originally aired, but it was Tuesday and there were already so many other things set on the DVR--one of them being “New Girl” which my daughter and I weren’t prepared to miss--that I had to miss the entire first season. When it finally hit Netflix, I wanted to dig into it before the second season started, but I just didn’t have time. Now, finally, I made time and after seeing the pilot episode I’m wondering why the hell has everyone been saying the first season was so boring?

That was awesome.

Granted, it had a definite “monster of the week” feel, but so what? If THAT is how their monster of the week episodes go, I’m all for it. Make a whole season like that.

For me, it’s not so much about what’s happening in the episode that kept me entertained, it was being a fan of Marvel Comics, and that world, since I was 15. That’s almost 30 years of my life, so I’m steeped in Marvel history, and I just wanted to immerse myself in that world and look around at all the easter eggs in wonder.

Unfortunately I didn’t see quite as many of those eggs as I had hoped, but that’s not to say they weren’t there. I’m just really rusty on my Marvel knowledge. I started reading the comics at 15, but I stopped around 24 and only recently picked them back up, so…

Clark Gregg continues to be awesome as Phil Coulson, but the new cast members are just as fun. Chloe Bennet’s character Skye is funny and a great surrogate for the viewer into this world. I’m sure yet what to make of Fitz and Simmons, but I liked Ward’s fish out of water style when it comes to being part of a team. The real gem for me, though, surprisingly, was Agent May. I’ve never been the biggest Ming-Na Wen fan in the world, but I love this character just from the few minutes she got in this episode. The quiet takes no bullshit type who keeps to herself but will murder you without hesitation if necessary. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m looking forward to the next episode just to see more of May in action!

This pilot episode has Whedon’s hands all over it and works as a great segue from the Avengers movie to a TV version of the same world. And that’s my only problem. The TV version. This is definitely a television show. The pacing feels rushed at times, the resolution too easy, and the climax … meh. But that’s all story structure stuff and it’s still early, so hopefully as the series progresses, those things will even out and the stories will have a more natural feel.

Either way, after this first episode, I’m definitely in.

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Sense8, Episode 1: Limbic Resonance

Posted 10/2/2015

 I was nervous to start watching the Netflix original series Sense8, created by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski only based on having heard the first few episodes were really slow and it took a while for the series to get moving. My time is limited and there are already a lot of shows I WANT to watch, trying to pack most of them into my sometimes-one day off every week. But the word of mouth finally got the better of me and I gave the first episode a shot.

It was awesome.

Not the most action-packed thing in the world, but we’ve got 8 different characters all over the world we have to set up, so obviously there’s some preliminary work that has to be done.

The series premise is that these 8 people are somehow psychically linked so that what one of them experiences, they can all experience. Or so that’s what I’m gathering from this pilot.

We didn’t get a whole lot of detail on ALL of them, but I’m assuming that will come with time, and at least we do know which characters are connected. There’s a lot of diversity in the characters, including a transgender character who is introduced in one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen a character being introduced which also leads me to the comment, “Martha Jones, you saucy flirt!!!” (Freema Agyeman is the trans character Nomi’s girlfriend and I’ll just say she definitely knows how to use a strap-on!--NOT what I was expecting).

The show, so far, after only the first episode, reminds me a LOT of “Heroes”, with its dozen or so main characters and a storyline that is obviously going to take more than the first couple of episodes to coalesce, but I’m fine with that. I loved “Heroes” and would have loved it more if the first two seasons hadn’t told almost the same story, but even when it got really bad I stuck with it and loved the season four finale so it was worth the ride.

But hopefully Sense8 doesn’t make that same mistake and the whatever the big bad is in this first season, it’s something completely different and unexpected in season two. If nothing else, we’ve got J. Michael Straczynski as one of the creators and I trust him completely as a storyteller.

So far the only two characters to really stand out are the cop and the DJ and that’s because they got the most time this episode. Tuppence Middleton and Brian J. Smith were fun to watch, especially in the scene they got to interact and I’m curious to see where the story goes from here.

I didn’t think the first episode was THAT slow, honestly. Or maybe it was, but I was so intrigued by the characters and their lives that I didn’t notice. Either way, if things are only going to get better from here, then I’m totally onboard for this series and am eager for next Thursday so I can watch the next one.

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