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Comic Talk-Monday: My favorite moment in comics this week.

Posted 10/20/2014

"When everything else about these heroes is forgotten, this is what was still remembered: not their weaknesses, or their rivalries with one another, not their regrets, or their secrets, not their scars.  We remembered that when evil rose up, in the name of death or conquest or tyranny, they stood against it.  No matter how powerful or terrifying, they stood against it.  And they prevailed."

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Book Talk-Sunday: Some Recent Purchases

Posted 10/19/2014

A few weeks ago, while doing the weekly comic shopping, I came across a number of Dr. Who novels.  Naturally, I wanted to buy ALL of them, but I limited myself to just three.  I got one Eleven with the Ponds, one Twelve with Clara, and one War Doctor.  I actually bought them for my daughter, but I will definitely be reading them as well:


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Writing Update

Posted 10/18/2014

These are the scenes I need to add to the first draft of GRIM LEGION III Book 1.  There are 8 scenes, plus one note to myself about a character arc I need to map out for the entire series.  I've added one scene so far.  The rest, though, I know where they go and most of them are all grouped together around the same area in the story.  This works out because I don't have to root around through the story to figure out where they go.

Now I just need to find the TIME--especially considering the deadline is in a week!  This has been a hell of a week, though (I know, I know, it's always a hell of a week, but, seriously, it really has been) and I haven't gotten as much time to work on it as I had hoped I would.  I am determined, though, to meet that deadline.  There's some stuff going on at work, though, and if I don't get Sunday night off, that's really REALLY going to eat into the time.  If I do have to work Sunday night, I may need to rethink that deadline.  Fingers crossed.

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Movie Talk-Friday: Too Many Choices

Posted 10/17/2014

See, the problem is, I like to watch and review movies, but since getting Netflix, I've concentrated almost exclusively on those movies and have ignored completely my DVD collection and almost completely my Stephen King collection, which I'm not even halfway through.  And every time I try to work up a schedule or a rotation where I can work in a movie or two from all three of them, friggin' Netflix decides they're going to take 10 movies from my queue off streaming, and then I gotta power through those instead.

And then my work schedule changes.

Through September I was going in at 12:30 in the afternoon, and getting up again at 4:00 so I could watch and review a movie, then still get a few hours of writing time in there before work.  Now I'm on third shift, from 10:30 to 6:45, and I'm sleeping until around 12:30 or 1:00 in the afternoon and picking up the kids from school at 2:50, which leaves time for EITHER watching a movie and reviewing it after pick-up, or just using that time to write.  I've been using that time to write, and only reviewing on the weekends.  Of course, since I'm only getting 1 day off on the weekend, that leaves Sunday as my only real movie day.

This shouldn't be a problem.  At my old job, I only did movie reviews on the weekends.  I did a DVD or Netflix movie on Saturday and a King movie on Sunday.  The week days were reserved for writing.

But, dammit, I went 7 months between my old job and my new one and I spent most of those days reviewing almost every day and getting a TON of movie reviews written.  So now that's what I'm used to.  Now I feel like if I only review on the weekend, I'm losing time.  But losing time to WHAT, WRITING???  That's not lost time, that's time spent writing, which is what I need to be doing, anyway.

And yet I still can't justify only reviewing movies on the weekend.  Even though that should be perfectly fine.

Part of that is because, like I said, Netflix likes to list a slew of movies that are coming off IN SEVEN DAYS, and, well, I added them to my queue for a reason so obviously I want to see them before they're gone, while the DVDs aren't going anywhere.  The other reason it's not "okay" is because I have movies in those three separate categories and I bought these movies with the express purpose of WATCHING them.

Things were so much simpler before I got Netflix.  But, damn, they got a lot of great stuff on there and there's no way I'd give it up.  So I'm still in the same place I was when I started this.  I want to watch my Netflix queue.  I want to watch my DVDs.  I want to keep working through the Stephen King movies.  But I also have fiction to write, and there's just not the time to do all of them right now.  So I guess I keep trudging along like I have been and hope for the best and just get through them as I can.


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Music Talk-Thursday: My Favorite Things

Posted 10/16/2014




























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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 10/15/2014

15 Comics this week, with a couple new titles, and another couple I decided to skip this week (Futures End and Green Lantern New Guardians.  I think I'm definitely going to drop FUTURES END.   I haven't decided on New Guardians, I'm just not interested in this Godhead story lately), with 1 for my oldest, 1 for my daughter, 2 for the middle child, and the rest for me.  For some reason, Justice League 34 and 35 were on the rack on the same day.  TREES #6 was there, and I'm missing #5 (I'm also missing MIRACELMAN #11 and I'm not happy about it).  There's also this ORIGINAL SIN Annual #1 that I'm not sure what it's about, but we'll see.  So here's what we got:


























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TV Talk-Tuesday: American Horror Story and The Walking Dead

Posted 10/14/2014

First off, I turned 42 today.  Forty.  Two.  Wow.

Second, I overslept THREE HOURS today.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate that, but it happened.  Not that I'm surprised; I get to bed at 7:30 every morning and get up, or TRY to, most days, around 12:30.  Didn't happen today.  So I lost three hours of my day and now I have to be at work in less than 6 hours.


But let's talk about TV.  The past week saw two season premiers I was waiting for as patiently as possible.  First, last Wednesday saw the new season of American Horror Story: Freakshow.  I'm hoping to God this season is more interesting than the last two.  Not that Asylum or Coven were bad, but they weren't even close to how awesome season one was.

I liked the first episode, and saw a lot of potential in it for a great story this season, but if you saw it, then you know there was one particular scene I loved above all other things I've seen on television this year.  THIS!!!

Holy shit, that's awesome.  I showed it to my daughter the next morning and she loved it, too.  She also pointed out to me Lange is wearing the same suit Bowie wore in the original video.  I already knew it, but I was proud that she knew it too.  That's my girl.  The preview for what's coming up this season had a clip of Sarah Paulson's character singing Fiona Apple's "Criminal", and considering the story is set in the 1950s, that's even more awesome.  So far, I know it's only been one episode, but I'm loving it just for the Bowie and Apple songs.

The second show is The Walking Dead and if you saw last year's finale, you know there was some big stuff that was about to go down when it came back.  And, yeah, that kicked ass.  The new season premier was an episode I immediately wanted to watch again.  I mean there have been a lot of action sequences during this show's four years, so far, but holy crap, man, that was action-friggin'-packed!  Excellent way to start the season and to pick up where they left off.  Now I want to get to reading the comics even more so I can see how things played out originally, and to see what's coming up for them.  I know I didn't like season 3 at all and I wasn't the biggest fan of season 4, but I already love season 5 just for that first episode alone.  And the last few minutes...heartbreaking, beautiful stuff.  What a show!

What did you think of these two season premiers, and what shows are you looking forward to returning?  Tweet me @CDennisMoore or email me here and let me know.


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Comic Talk-Monday: "Trimming the Tribe"

Posted 10/13/2014

I've been thinking a lot lately of cutting back on my comics.  When I started reading THE HAUNTING OF AMERICA last week, it hit me this is the first BOOK I've read since finishing King's MR. MERCEDES in August!!!  Holy crap, that's a long time to go without reading a book.  But I was reading that whole time.  I just reading comics.  That's just not acceptable; I have way too many books still to read, and I doubt I'm going to wind up with MORE free time before or after work to read them, so I'm just going to have to cut back on the only other thing I can cut back on that would prevent me from having more book time.  And that's comics.

So I've been looking over my monthly stacks, trying to decide what I can drop with little or no effect.  I have a few that are immediate drops.  Well, not IMMEDIATE, I mean I want to finish the current storylines, but after that there's no reason to keep going.  The first two I'm probably going to drop are AMAZING X-MEN and X-MEN.  Both of these seem to be side story books that happen outside of the normal continuity of UNCANNY X-MEN and ALL-NEW X-MEN, so there's no problem losing them without missing any of the important story.

Next is GREEN LANTERN.  No, not the Hal Jordan book, that's an obvious buy, but GREEN LANTERN CORPS and GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS can both go.  Neither are all that interesting, and I was never a big Kyle Rayner fan, anyway.  And while I like John Stewart, the book itself just hasn't been holding my attention much of the last couple of months.  The latest GODHEAD storyline running throughout the books is also not that interesting to me, mostly because I was never a big New Gods fan anyway.  Just never cared much for me.

I've been looking at my Avengers books, trying to decide if I could stand to drop any of them, but I just don't know yet.  AVENGERS UNDERCOVER is over, so that's out of the way.  MIGHTY AVENGERS, too, but that's being replaced by CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS, which I'm curious about.  The regular AVENGERS book, there's no way I'm giving that one up, and SECRET AVENGERS is just too out there to NOT read.  AVENGERS WORLD I wouldn't mind dropping, but it's still telling the same story it's been telling for over a year, so I don't see a solid dropping-off point anywhere.  NEW AVENGERS is second only to the main monthly title, so I don't want to give that one up.  With Avengers, it's just gonna have to suffice that UNDERCOVER is cancelled.

I'm loving JUSTICE LEAGUE, and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is always an interesting read, but JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED still hasn't won me over yet, so that one might fall off the list pretty soon, and FUTURES END, the weekly series really REALLY is not holding my interest all that well lately.  It would probably help if ANY of the characters it was focusing on five years into the future were characters I cared about anyway, but the OMACS, Grifter, Stormwatch, these just aren't characters or groups I cared much about in the first place.  Plus it's EVERY FRIGGING WEEK!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-MAN 2099 have both been on the bubble since I started reading them, and I think it's about time to let them go--just as soon as the EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE story is done.  Unless that turns into a bigger deal.  Then again, if it DOES get bigger and more involved, that might be the perfect time to drop them, because one thing I've always disliked about Spider-Man books is how damned complicated they can get.  I know Peter Parker's the poster child for Murphy's Law, but jeezum crow!  It's just too much to take sometimes.

And speaking of SPIDER-MAN 2099, I only picked it up because it was written by Peter David, and David's other monthly book, X-FACTOR is another one of those that's been on the bubble with me since the beginning, but it's just so damned well-written I can't help but buy it every month.  But I've given it 14 issues and I still find myself not interested in the characters at all.  That could still be partly because Gambit is on the team and I loathe him as a character.

Obviously I've still got a lot of thinking to do over this whole business.  I do know for sure a few books that definitely are NOT coming off my monthly buy list.  MIRACLEMAN, X-FILES, EARTH 2, AVENGERS, and INVADERS for sure.  The rest, I'll have to see.  All I do know for certain is that I can't keep reading 15-20 books a week and expect to still find time for novels.  And that's not going to work for me at all.

Any advice on what books to drop and which to keep, Tweet me @CDennisMoore or email me here and let me know.

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Angel Hill on Audio.

Posted 10/12/2014


So far I have three of my novels available at in audiobook format.  A collected 17 1/2 hours for all three.  Click the covers to go to their Audible pages and you can be listening within minutes.  Afterward, hopefully you'll be moved to leave a review and tell a friend.  Audible currently has a sale going where, IF you have already bought THE MAN IN THE WINDOW for Kindle, you can get the audiobook for only $1.99!!!


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