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Book-Talk Sunday, LootCrate, Marvel Collector Corps, and Currently Reading:

Posted 4/26/2015

Book-Talk Sunday reveals the most recent two books I've bought over the last couple of weeks, and both of them were only $5 each.  While both were impulse buys, I'm not sure I'll be getting to the first one any time soon:














But the bigger news this week is that I've got, not only my latest LootCrate, but yesterday saw the delivery of my very first Marvel Collector Corps box.  First up, LootCrate.  The theme this month was Fantasy and there was some good stuff:











   There was a really cool Game of Thrones flash drive, plus a set of Game of Thrones magnets.  Naturally I gave my daughter the bow tie, because bow ties are cool.  There was an inflatable crown, pictured here on top of my daughter's head.  A Princess Bride deck of cards.  A Harry Potter luggage tag.  And last but coolest of all, this Dungeons and Dragons T-shirt, which I've already worn twice.






And the Marvel box, which came yesterday, didn't have as much, but what it did contain was AWESOME:





















So I got this Marvel Collector Corps patch and button.  An Ultron Zorb figure, a Hulkbuster Iron Man bobblehead, a variant cover of the first issue of Guardians Team-Up with the Avengers, and coolest of all, this killer Avengers Iron Man Vs. Ultron T-shirt.  I'm gonna like these Marvel boxes, and it's unfortunate they're only 4 times a year.

And finally, I'm currently reading:

 These are the covers to the collected editions, but I'm reading the single issues, and enjoying them a lot so far.  Cullen Bunn is a great writer and I try to read as many of his comics as I can, of which there seems to be even more every month.

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This Week's Comics Haul

Posted 4/22/2015

What a haul this week!!!  Only 1 for my daughter, three for my son, but 15 for me!  As I was scooping them up, I kept thinking When is this going to end?  But boy is there some good stuff this week.  Here's the haul:





























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TV-Talk Tuesday: "Garfunkel and Oates" and "The Returned"

Posted 4/21/2015

It's been a while since I've done a TV-Talk Tuesday--mostly because the stuff I was watching at the time ended their seasons.  Since then new things have started, which I'll talk about here.

I recently watched the entire 8-episode first season of "Garfunkel and Oates" on Netflix. I used to watch the episode openings every week at the end of my DVR'd episodes of "Portlandia", but never bothered to set this show to record as well.  Luckily, Netflix didn't waste any time streaming it, and I ate it up in only a couple of days.  I'm not sure it's as strong as the first season of "Portlandia" was, but it's definitely a very funny show, and the characters they play--fictionalized versions of themselves--are fun to watch.  Their personalities, as portrayed on the show, reminded me of the best things about "Seinfeld".  Hopefully a second season is coming, and hopefully it's doing it very soon.  I don't want to have to wait a whole year for more "Garfunkel and Oates".

Another show I've been loving lately, airing every Monday after "Bates Motel', is "The Returned," an American version of the French series which is currently available on Netflix and if you haven't seen it, you definitely need to.

I love how closely this version is sticking to the main points of the original and I think the actors are selling it every episode.  I just hope it ends on the same ominous note the original did.  But then if it does, I'm going to have the same problem, wondering what the hell happens next!!!

The most recent season of "The Walking Dead" was the strongest yet, and that season finale offered, in my opinion, 30 of the most intense minutes ever on television.  And I love how the producers are sticking just closely enough to the main plot points of the comic series, but aren't feeling beholden to following it to the letter, that it keeps the story intriguing even if you've read the comics, but different enough you still have no idea what's coming next.

And now I just realized I haven't watched this week's episode of "Game of Thrones" yet.  I had to work Sunday night, so didn't get to watch it live.  Damn, I'll have to do that tomorrow, then.

That's it for TV this week.  There are other things I'm recording and watching on the weekends--"Bates Motel", "Survivor", plus a ton of stuff on Food Network--but mostly I'm just biding my time until "Hannibal" and "Doctor Who" return.

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David Bain Must Die(t)!

Posted 4/19/2015

Available now for your Kindle--with the paperback copy coming soon--I just killed one of my best friends.  Okay, so I didn't really, but my April publication is a short story in tribute to one of my best friends online or in the real world, fellow author David Bain.  Dave's seen me through some stuff, as I've tried to do for him, so in honor of our long friendship, I offer him this:

David Bain is a writer who has lost his motivation. And if that’s not bad enough, his friend is writing a story in which David dies. Or diets? He’s not really clear on the outcome. Either way, he leaves their weekly writers’ lunch feeling no better than when he arrived.

But his day really takes a turn for the WTF when black-ops men spill forth from an unmarked van in front of him in traffic, a bag is thrown over David’s head, and he’s moved to an unknown location where he meets a man who claims to be the real life version of one of his fictional characters.

As if David’s motivation wasn’t lacking enough, he’s warned to stop writing about the guy. Or else!

David Bain Must Die(t)! is meant as a tribute to a friend and writer whose imagination and command of the language inspires me every time I read his work. Thanks for being there.

Click HERE to get it on your Kindle for only $0.99.  And if you dig it, please consider leaving a review, and then tell a friend.

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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 4/15/2015

This could have been a bigger haul than it was, but DC is currently doing their 2-month Convergence storyline and I'm opting to NOT buy every tie-in title they release, only the ones I'm super interested in.  But while it was a smaller week than it could have been, it was still a pretty good one.  My son only got 2, my daughter got 4, and I have 10 new comics to read (having a little trouble this morning with the pics, so here are the titles and some links to their Comixology page if you want to check them out:

Convergence: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1

Transformers #40


Regular Show #22

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #9

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #11

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #7


Convergence #2

Uncanny X-Men #33

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #7

Convergence: Justice League International #1

Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1

Magneto #17

The X-Files: Season 10 #23

Millennium #4

Avengers Millennium #4

House of M #1

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Writing Update, so far this month.

Posted 4/11/2015

Just a quick writing update here.  I am on track for my April publication without having to rush and get it done at the last minute to hit Publish before midnight on the last day of the month.  I spent the last week writing a short story that ended up being about twice as long as I'd anticipated when I started it.  Inspired by a podcast interview I heard recently--can't remember the podcast or the interview subject--I started a story called DAVID BAIN MUST DIE, but since Dave and I are friends and I don't really want to kill him, I changed it to DAVID BAIN MUST DIE(T).  Dave's read the story and approves, so after some editing and such, I'll be publishing this story next week (my self-imposed deadline is April 18th).

Next up, I'd editing a nonfiction book for Dave, then writing the next Angel Hill short story, "Woolly Muffler", continuing the task of writing Angel Hill shorts inspired by the titles of Harvey Danger songs.  That will be my May publication.  Not sure yet where June will go, but I've still got plenty of works in progress to choose from.

Meanwhile, here's a list of all everything I've published so far this year along with links to get them on your Kindle:


Flagpole Sitta

Return to Angel Hill


Small Town American Crime and Horror: Stories and Novels


Grim City

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This Week's Comics Haul

Posted 4/8/2015

It's Wednesday and you know the drill.  My son got 4 today while I got 11.  Nothing my daughter reads came out this week.  So here's the haul:





























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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 4/1/2015

This wasn't a very big week for new comics, which has me a little concerned, because there were a few issues, like Avengers #43 and the last issue of Earth 2: World's End, that, according to Comixology, came out this week but that, according to the comic racks at the store, were nowhere in sight.  You don't mess with my Avengers, man.

Anyway, so this week my daughter got one, my son got two, and I came away with seven:





























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GRIM LEGION book one: Grim City is now available

Posted 3/31/2015

 I think I've mentioned here that my goal for this year is to stop procrastinating and to publish at least one new title every month.  Well, it was close, but my March title is now available.  It's the first book in a new Young Adult series.

The Justice League. The Avengers. The X-Men. These are four color fantasies. 

In the real world, things aren’t always pretty. 

Fifty years ago, three of Earth’s most powerful heroes joined forces to repel an alien attack. A decade later, a new roster took its place. They haven’t been seen or heard from in thirty years. 

Now the world is changing, and it needs heroes once more. 

John Raini brings together the four most capable candidates in order to protect their city from the rising forces of evil. 

As Aztekea, John backs the team financially and gives them purpose. 

The mysterious Blackbird swoops out of the shadows, avenging the helpless. While he may keep to himself and remain an enigma to his teammates, his actions speak louder than words. 

Cove claims to be the reincarnated soul of an ex-junkie who was brought back to life by God in order to “set right the wrongs of man”. While the former Anthony Rogers may not fully understand what’s happened to him, he’s bound by fate to use his ever-evolving powers for good. 

Exile has named himself Kyle Manly, but in reality, he has no idea who he is. He woke up one day in a mental hospital. Soon after, he remembered a very special ability that allowed him to open a doorway to another dimension and make his escape. Soon after, he met up with Aztekea and the rest of the team and was convinced to join. 

Jack is the lone holdout. A homeless man, an unemployed single father, he just wants to keep his son safe in an ever-more-violent world. Aztekea offers Jack that opportunity to use his powers to freeze time in exchange for help getting back on his feet. 

Life is rough in a violent world, but these five heroes are determined to do everything in their power to ease the burden as much as they can. They may still be strangers to each other, but they’re all they’ve got and they have to make it work, for their sakes, and for the sake of the world. 

GRIM LEGION: Grim City is the first book in an ongoing series. 

This book is available for Kindle or in print.  And remember, if you like it, please considering leaving a review.

Buy it here:

Kindle US

Kindle UK


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Posted 3/26/2015

So two things happened recently that have me, not only scratching my head, but in a bit a rage.

First, and most harmless, I was listening to an old episode of the Clive Barker podcast, and the topic was other movies, movies Clive Barker has been involved with that aren't the most famous ones or the Books of Blood adaptations, which has been the focus of the show thus far.  They talked about the made-for-TV SAINT SINNER abomination, GODS AND MONSTERS, with Ian McKellan, which Barker wasn't in and didn't write, but produced, and the first adaptation of a Barker script, TRANSGRESSIONS, which was originally called UNDERWORLD.

The host made sure to point out, however, that this was not the more famous UNDERWORLD.  You know, the one with "draculas versus wolfmans."

WHAT THE FUCK!?!  A grown ass man just said that?  Draculas Vs. Wolfmans?  And you're the "host" of a "show" I should put my faith in?  Why in the holy hell would I do that when you don't even know the words "vampires" or "werewolves"?  Draculas Vs. Wolfmans.  My God, people.  Are we, as a society, this fucking stupid that we come up with shit like this and it's supposed to be acceptable?  The host, the man in charge, the public face of this "professional" endeavor is such a moron that he calls UNDERWORLD, the movie about "Draculas Vs. Wolfmans" and he thinks that's correct?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Now onto the big one.

There's a writer out there, or so the rumor goes.  You've heard me mention him before.  The one who does odd jobs to make ends meet and, despite having a wife and kids, insists he's a writer and he's never giving up on his dream, which also translates to "I'm never getting a job."  Yeah, that guy.

Recently, his wife closed down their at-home daycare, which was the main source of income for the family.  Why would she do such a foolhardy thing?  Because she's going to go work for her husband.  The writer.  The odd job writer who just this very month, FINALLY, made enough to pay all of their household bills on his own.  As an aside, as someone with experience in this area, let me assure you, that money not only doesn't last, but is very unpredictable from month to month.  Twice in 2013 (September and October) I made $3000 a month from book sales.  The month before it was probably around $1500.  November was probably about that, too.  Those were JUST Amazon Kindle sales.  Not including CreateSpace print sales.  Know what I made in 2014 for September?  On Kindle, I made $320.98.  That's a HUGE fucking drop from $3000 that same month a year before.

And that's exactly what's going to happen to this dude.  Maybe not that steep a drop, but who gives a shit for me (I HAVE A JOB, YOU TOOL!).  But for him, when he sees one great month does not equal one great lifetime, that's gonna hurt.

So, okay, his wife closes down their main source of income in order to go work for her "writer" husband.  Doing what, you might ask.  What could possibly be so important and time-consuming that he needs assistance?

Well, she's going to be marketing him and working on his Patreon page.  And editing his videos.  He does a semi-daily vlog.  Which apparently is such an involved process he doesn't have time for it anymore.  What else will she be doing for him, what other type of paid work is she taking on to free up his time?  I quote from the video: "Taking care of his children."  She will "get his kids to school, play with his son, get him to nap, feed him, make him (the writer) coffee."

Say it with me: WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!  Are you seriously motherfucking kidding me?  THAT'S her big job?

I work sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning and I still get up EVERY DAY at 7:00.  Why?  To take my daughter to school.  How much does my wife pay me to do that?  The answer is nothing.  Because she's MY DAUGHTER AND IT'S MY FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY.  I also do twice-monthly grocery shopping, in essence "feeding" my kids.  How much does THAT task pay?  NOTHING, THEY'RE MY KIDS!  Feeding them is what I'm SUPPOSED to do!

There are no rewards for playing with your own child.  There's no bonus for slipping an extra Go-Gurt into their lunch.  You don't call in sick and make them walk to school one day.

And if the balance of their relationship is so off-kilter HE considers tending to his children a task that is so him-centric, he needs to pay his wife to do it, then I rest my case of this dude's state of moron.

Taking care of your own kids is NOT A FUCKING JOB.  Is it tiresome?  Of course!  I have three, and they're work.  But they're MY KIDS.  And you can frame that idea any way you want, you can say I'm working for my spouse by taking care of his/her kids, it doesn't matter, they're still YOUR KIDS, too, and taking care of them is what you're supposed to do.  It's NOT A JOB!!!

Do you think I, for one second, either of those $3000 months slipped my wife a Twenty and said, "This is for giving Caleb a ride the other day"?  Fuck no, nor would I.  Nor would I expect compensation for doing it myself.

What in the hell is wrong with the world, people?  I mean, I'm not the crazy one here, am I?

You know what it is?  He's got these other writers he looks up to (one of them was the genius who, when this guy lost his job, advised "Fuck it, just write for a living") whom he would blow in a second, I fully believe that, if he thought it would make them like him anymore, if he thought he could become a full member of their clique, he'd totally let them use him from either end, and he'd do it with a smile on his face.  They--this other group of writers he idolizes--have a couple of assistants (and let me tell you, THAT'S a little annoying too, getting their emails from the subscriber list, written as one of them, only to be signed by some fresh out of high school girl who thinks they're the bee's knees and that what she's doing is an actual job, too.  But this isn't about them, it's about this other douche) and he wants to be in that club so fucking bad, he's going to have his wife handle a couple of menial tasks so he can say, in conversation with them, "Yeah, yeah, I totally understand how that is.  I'll have my assistant send you that email."  That's all he wants.  He wants to sit at the adults' table.  He wants to know the secret handshake.  He wants to be in on the joke.

Well, here's a hint, Skeezix.  You ARE the joke.

Ha fucking ha.

Damn, my coffee's cold now.  I wonder if I could call my wife and pay her $5 to bring me a new cup.

Probably not.


Because she's at fucking work!

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