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Movie Talk-Friday: Recent Watches

Posted 10/24/2014

I've watched three movies lately, and normally that would mean three new reviews.  However.  In this case, I just didn't feel like reviewing them.  For one, of the three, two of them were crap.  And the one really good one was a sequel to one of the crappy ones, but I didn't realize, at first, that I had part one on DVD until I'd already watched the sequel, and as much as I loved the second movie, that first one was just plain dull and lifeless and I felt sort of drained at the prospect of reviewing them both when I only liked one of them.  As for the third movie...I know I enjoy reviewing terrible movies sometimes, but at other times they're just so bad I can't bring myself to spend that time on it.  So here are the movies I watched recently, and a little about them:

This is an adaptation of a Jack Ketchum novel, with Ketchum writing the screenplay and I can't believe I didn't like this.  I love Ketchum's writing and the novels of his I've read, and I thought I'd absolutely love this movie.  Especially since I accidentally watched the sequel first.  But this one, holy crap, man.  First off, it looked like it was shot on video, and cheap stock video at that.  The plot was simple beyond belief while the climax barely even existed.  I was glad to see Pollyanna McIntosh in the role of The Woman again, since she played the same role in the sequel, but man this was just a bad movie.











I LOVED this movie.  It was so much more than I had expected it would be, so much deeper and more indicative of Ketchum's talent.  The performances, also, were outstanding, along with the direction of the very extremely talented Lucky McKee.  Skip OFFSPRING altogether, but definitely spend the time to see THE WOMAN.  Such a great horror movie.












I had zero expectations going into this movie, and even then it STILL managed to disappoint.  Kelly Hu was mis-used, Robert Picardo was ridiculously over-playing it, and if you can find one other single actor in here you even vaguely recognize from anything else at all, then you win.  I know Asylum movies are known for being bad, but good God, this one hit new levels with a plot that didn't follow any sort of logical thought processes behind it, plain stupid character decisions and a building on CGI fire.  There's failing because you're incompetent and then there's just not even trying.  This one falls into that latter category.



Have you see any of these movies?  What did you think?  Tweet me @CDennisMoore or email me here and let me know.

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Music Talk-Thursday: Used Haul 5--and a new Loot Crate.

Posted 10/23/2014

Here are my two latest used CDs, bought for $4.99 each.  Not a bad price.  I've had both of these on cassette since their original releases--New Jersey was a Christmas gift that year, along with Escape Club's Wild Wild West and, I think, RUN-D.M.C.'s Tougher Than Leather.  I could be wrong about that last one, though--but had never wanted to pay full price for the CDs, and could never find used copies cheap enough for me to justify the spend on two albums I would probably only listen to once or twice again.  But $4.99 was, apparently, the right price.

I almost bought Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet, too, another cassette I've never had on CD, but I decided, at that time, to hold off.

Now, I am still trying to find a used copy of Rick Springfield's Rock of Life on CD for cheap if anyone has any leads.

But this week I'm going to take a slight deviation from the usual blog schedule and show off some goodies I got in the mail yesterday with my October Loot Crate box:





























This month's crate contained an AWESOME shirt, "Death by Kittens", see above. That's a skull made up of dozens of kittens.  Next is the book How to Survive a Sharknado, which also details how to survive other creatures like Sharktopus, Mega Python, Dinoshark, and Mongolian Death Worms.  Next is a "super emo friends" art print from The Walking Dead by JSalvador.  We also have temporarytattoos this month, designed to look like bites and scratches from various beasts.  There's a Walking Dead comic with an exclusive Loot Crate cover.  I'm pleased to say I have the original issue of the series, so I won't have to open this one to read it.  Last, there's this awesome Capcom Sledgesaw pen seen in the last two photos.  I will definitely be using this thing to sign debit card receipts the next time I go out to eat.

I'm very much enjoying my Loot Crate experience these past two months and am dying to find out what next month could possibly bring.  And yes, I am wearing my Death by Kittens shirt.

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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 10/22/2014

Ho. Lee. Crap.  This was the haul from hell.  It felt like everything that didn't come out last week came out this week,and that's not too far from the truth.  My daughter got 1, my younger son got 5, and I got 19 (none for my oldest this week).  Let's look at that again.  I got 19.  Yeah, yeah, two of them are FUTURES END, which I said I was going to drop, but dammit...  There's some great stuff out this week and I'm anxious to dig into them.  Here's what we got:






























































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TV Talk-Tuesday: Impractical Jokers

Posted 10/21/2014

Have you ever seen "Impractical Jokers" on TruTV?


You're missing out.

It airs on Thursday nights and is the funniest thing currently on television.  These 4 guys have been friends since high school and on the show they come up with challenges for each other "in an attempt to embarrass each other".  Usually, the challenges consist of putting each other in a situation, having an earpiece, and the other three are giving the other orders on what to do and say.  And, as they say, "if you refuse, you lose."

And losing isn't something you want to do, because at the end of every episode, whoever lost the most challenges that episode, the others punish them,  And sometimes those punishments are sometimes pretty harsh.  They're also friggin' hilarious for the viewers.

The best part is, they also tour the country as The Tenderloins comedy troupe (check out some of their short vidoes).  I've seen them twice now and they killed both times.  They are currently on tour again, so if you EVER get the chance to see them live, jump on it.  But even if they never come near enough your neck of the woods, you definitely need to be watching them on television every Thursday.

And also, if you're REALLY lucky and you plan ahead, this can happen:

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Comic Talk-Monday: My favorite moment in comics this week.

Posted 10/20/2014

"When everything else about these heroes is forgotten, this is what was still remembered: not their weaknesses, or their rivalries with one another, not their regrets, or their secrets, not their scars.  We remembered that when evil rose up, in the name of death or conquest or tyranny, they stood against it.  No matter how powerful or terrifying, they stood against it.  And they prevailed."

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Book Talk-Sunday: Some Recent Purchases

Posted 10/19/2014

A few weeks ago, while doing the weekly comic shopping, I came across a number of Dr. Who novels.  Naturally, I wanted to buy ALL of them, but I limited myself to just three.  I got one Eleven with the Ponds, one Twelve with Clara, and one War Doctor.  I actually bought them for my daughter, but I will definitely be reading them as well:


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Writing Update

Posted 10/18/2014

These are the scenes I need to add to the first draft of GRIM LEGION III Book 1.  There are 8 scenes, plus one note to myself about a character arc I need to map out for the entire series.  I've added one scene so far.  The rest, though, I know where they go and most of them are all grouped together around the same area in the story.  This works out because I don't have to root around through the story to figure out where they go.

Now I just need to find the TIME--especially considering the deadline is in a week!  This has been a hell of a week, though (I know, I know, it's always a hell of a week, but, seriously, it really has been) and I haven't gotten as much time to work on it as I had hoped I would.  I am determined, though, to meet that deadline.  There's some stuff going on at work, though, and if I don't get Sunday night off, that's really REALLY going to eat into the time.  If I do have to work Sunday night, I may need to rethink that deadline.  Fingers crossed.

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Movie Talk-Friday: Too Many Choices

Posted 10/17/2014

See, the problem is, I like to watch and review movies, but since getting Netflix, I've concentrated almost exclusively on those movies and have ignored completely my DVD collection and almost completely my Stephen King collection, which I'm not even halfway through.  And every time I try to work up a schedule or a rotation where I can work in a movie or two from all three of them, friggin' Netflix decides they're going to take 10 movies from my queue off streaming, and then I gotta power through those instead.

And then my work schedule changes.

Through September I was going in at 12:30 in the afternoon, and getting up again at 4:00 so I could watch and review a movie, then still get a few hours of writing time in there before work.  Now I'm on third shift, from 10:30 to 6:45, and I'm sleeping until around 12:30 or 1:00 in the afternoon and picking up the kids from school at 2:50, which leaves time for EITHER watching a movie and reviewing it after pick-up, or just using that time to write.  I've been using that time to write, and only reviewing on the weekends.  Of course, since I'm only getting 1 day off on the weekend, that leaves Sunday as my only real movie day.

This shouldn't be a problem.  At my old job, I only did movie reviews on the weekends.  I did a DVD or Netflix movie on Saturday and a King movie on Sunday.  The week days were reserved for writing.

But, dammit, I went 7 months between my old job and my new one and I spent most of those days reviewing almost every day and getting a TON of movie reviews written.  So now that's what I'm used to.  Now I feel like if I only review on the weekend, I'm losing time.  But losing time to WHAT, WRITING???  That's not lost time, that's time spent writing, which is what I need to be doing, anyway.

And yet I still can't justify only reviewing movies on the weekend.  Even though that should be perfectly fine.

Part of that is because, like I said, Netflix likes to list a slew of movies that are coming off IN SEVEN DAYS, and, well, I added them to my queue for a reason so obviously I want to see them before they're gone, while the DVDs aren't going anywhere.  The other reason it's not "okay" is because I have movies in those three separate categories and I bought these movies with the express purpose of WATCHING them.

Things were so much simpler before I got Netflix.  But, damn, they got a lot of great stuff on there and there's no way I'd give it up.  So I'm still in the same place I was when I started this.  I want to watch my Netflix queue.  I want to watch my DVDs.  I want to keep working through the Stephen King movies.  But I also have fiction to write, and there's just not the time to do all of them right now.  So I guess I keep trudging along like I have been and hope for the best and just get through them as I can.


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Music Talk-Thursday: My Favorite Things

Posted 10/16/2014




























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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 10/15/2014

15 Comics this week, with a couple new titles, and another couple I decided to skip this week (Futures End and Green Lantern New Guardians.  I think I'm definitely going to drop FUTURES END.   I haven't decided on New Guardians, I'm just not interested in this Godhead story lately), with 1 for my oldest, 1 for my daughter, 2 for the middle child, and the rest for me.  For some reason, Justice League 34 and 35 were on the rack on the same day.  TREES #6 was there, and I'm missing #5 (I'm also missing MIRACELMAN #11 and I'm not happy about it).  There's also this ORIGINAL SIN Annual #1 that I'm not sure what it's about, but we'll see.  So here's what we got:


























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