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Music-Talk Thursday: Purple Rain

Posted 7/2/2015

Not really much of a post today, I just wanted to show off my PURPLE RAIN collection.  Album, CD and cassette.

It's pretty awesome.

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This Week's Comics Haul, 7/1/15

Posted 7/1/2015

Not a big haul this week, but a good one to start the month.  My daughter got 2, my son got 4, and I found 5.  Here's the haul:




























Also, in the mail two days ago, I got two trade paperbacks:

  Both excellent stories and highly recommended.

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Marvel Collector Corps, June: Ant-Man

Posted 6/28/2015

Despite a little redundancy in the box this month, I like it:



























Top to bottom, I got a Scott Lang/Ant-Man bobble head in full and miniature sizes, then another set of Mystery Mini bobble heads of Scott Lang and Yellowjacket.  I gave the big and little ones to my daughter and kept the Mystery Minis for myself.  There was also a Marvel Collector Corps variant edition of the Ant-Man #5 comic (I won't read it.  I got the first issue and enjoyed it, but...).  There was the standard patch and pin like I got for the Avengers box two months ago.  Finally, and the best, is an Ant-Man shirt.  I really dig it.  If I weren't wearing my new Jimi Hendrix shirt today, I'd be wearing this one.  Now I'm really anxious for the next box.

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Music-Talk Thursday: my record collection

Posted 6/25/2015

 I'm loving my record player.  Even though half of these I already have on CD, I'm listening to them more on vinyl than I had been previously on CD.  The HEARTTHROB album, however, is almost unlistenable as it's got so many skips and whatnot.  I thought at first it was just a dirty album, so I bought a cleaning kit and cleaned it up real nice, but it's just a bad album, I guess.  This is the problem with albums.  The first time I ever heard Prince's LOVESEXY was on a brand new, but pretty dinged up, record, and I just got so used to the skips and jumps, it was jarring the first time I heard the album without them.  Luckily, I have HEARTTHROB on CD, too, so I can still listen to an unmarred copy.

The biggest surprise here is how damned expensive records are.  I'd love to get some more of the Jimi live albums, but some of those things go for $35-$40.  That's insane.

On the lookout for old Prince, Bowie or Lenny Kravitz records now.  Too much to ask that there be some Harvey Danger on vinyl, I guess.

The only problem I'm finding is in the conversion process.  I can convert cassettes to mp3 and load them on my computer no problem.  But the 5-second lag between pushing the record button and when it actually starts recording, makes transferring album tracks over difficult. So far I've only converted Tegan and Sara LIVE AT ZIA RECORDS and the BB King LIVE AT THE REGAL album.  And both of them I'd had to convert as two tracks, one for each side.  It's not a big problem, I'm perfectly fine listening back to these as complete albums instead of individual tracks.  But that's not to say there won't come a time when I want to record them separately.  Maybe it just takes some getting used to.  Still, this record player is some of the best $50 I've ever spent.

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This Week's Comics Haul, 6/24/15

Posted 6/24/2015

There were 15 comics this week.  Given how slim the past few weeks have been, that feels like a lot.  My daughter got 2, my son got 6 and I got the last 7.  Oh, and I ordered a trade paperback that came out this week, in the last spot down there at the bottom.  Here's the haul:





























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TV-Talk Tuesday, but Mostly LootCrate Unboxing.

Posted 6/23/2015

Before I get to the topic today, I need to touch on what was going to be the topic, today being TV-Talk Tuesday, after all, and that is the ridiculous cancellation of the best show currently on TV: Hannibal.  Are you kidding me?  What other show is even almost this original or daring?  I'm sure they have their reasons and, yes, the other day my daughter and I were having a discussion about how the episodes would only be 20 minutes long if they edited out the fancy slow motion and camera tricks and just told the story.  But, still, it's the only show every week that demands you put down your phone, wake the hell up, and pay attention.  Cancelling this series should be a crime.

Okay, I said what I had to say.  Now on to Loot Crate!!!

The theme this month was Cyber.  Here's what I got:



























 They are, top left to bottom:

The LootCrate box, just opened.

A Borderlands Zer0 mouse pad.

A Terminator Genisys Brain Chip keychain from Chronicle Collectibles.

A Terminator Genisys Endo Skull replica, also from CC.

A glow-in-the-dark Circuit Gadget Pouch.

A set of Nerd HG stickers.

A Future Replicant Corporate Logo patch.

An awesome PRIME T-Shirt in the Tron style.  Which I'm wearing right now.

And two Battlestar Galactica Cylon Target Posters.

Excellent Crate this month.  I can't wait for the next one.

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Music-Talk Thursday: Old School.

Posted 6/18/2015

Amid the comics and books is my new toy.  I saw this awesome Tegan and Sara live album last week, a vinyl exclusive, but without a record player, how was I to hear it?  I had no choice but to buy a record player.  This one, so the directions say, is able to convert LPs and cassettes to mp3s, which is awesome.

So with a new record player on the way, it didn't make sense to own just ONE record.  This Jimi Hendrix concert was a great second purchase.  More will follow.

It's been a LONG time since I've listened to a record.  The last one was Prince's LOVESEXY, which had so many skips and jumps when I bought it I didn't realize they were skips until I later bought it on cassette, then CD, and they were gone.  I was a little disappointed at first; I'd thought they were on purpose and they kind of added a certain charm to the album.

Unfortunately, that album was lost in the basement flood of ... whatever year that was, I don't remember.  Whatever, I don't have it anymore.

I'm excited now to go see what other great finds I can score.

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This Week's Comics Haul, 6/17/15

Posted 6/17/2015

Another small haul this week, but it could have been a big one with the amount of #1s both DC and Marvel were putting out.  But I was able to resist their call and only pick up the essentials.  My son got two, my daughter got three, and I got a whole four.  Here's the haul:




















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This Week's Comics Haul, 6/10/15

Posted 6/10/2015

This was a pretty tame haul this week, with only 8 comics in total.  Two for my daughter, three for my son, and the other three for me.  Here's the haul:




















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Latest Book Haul.

Posted 6/8/2015

With how heavily I've gotten back into comics the past year, I haven't read a whole lot of novels.  And that just won't stand.  I read all the damn time, but my novel reading has suffered greatly.  I'm trying to get back to it, though, and my most recent book haul should help because it's full of authors I love and always read almost immediately:

 I'm 50 pages into the King already, but I'm eager to get to the others as well.

And I know, Monday is supposed to be comic-talk Monday, so I'll just say that today on Netflix I started watching the three-episode documentary SUPERHEROES: A Never-Ending Battle, narrated by Liev Shreiber.  Good stuff so far.

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