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Posted 12/1/2016

I admit it, I forgot to do last month's Sketchbox.  And since the new one came a few days ago, we'll go ahead and skip it anyway and just do the new one.  Here's what my daughter got:

Kuretake Zig Clean Color Real Brush set ($13.95): Unlike many "brush" pen, the Zig Clean Color Real Brush pen has a genuine bristle tip that lets you create marks of any width--from broad strokes to fine lines.  Filled with a waterbased dye that is odorless and xylene-free, these pens are easy to blend.  Both portable and versatile, they're great for plain air work as well as manga and cartooning.

Kuretake Zig Brush #55 ($4.50): This double-sided hard and soft felt tip brush pen from Kuretake gives you the best of both worlds for your artwork.  Great for outlining and coloring in art or creating different scenery effects.

Higgins India Ink Pump Marker ($5.95): Higgins India Ink like you've never seen it before, in a pump action marker!  Ideal for use on papers and boards, Higgins Pump Markers deliver a water-resistant matte finish and have a 1 mm nib that can be removed for refilling.

Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen ($2.99): Create expressive drawings and beautiful hand lettering with this felt tip Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen.  It features a durable brush tip that offers good control while drawing varying line widths.  The water-based dye ink flows smoothly. This pen is a unique addition to any artist's arsenal.


This month's inspiration piece is from Hannah Hill.  The card included with the box, has this to say about her:

"Hannah dislikes writing about herself so here are a few facts:

She is a self-taught, natural artist.

She grew up drawing Brian Froud and Cicely Mary Barker faeries.

Her favorite art style is Art Nouveau.

She has never worked with oil paints.

Watercolors are her preferred medium.

Her favorite color combination to use is green, purple, and pink.

She has never completely filled an entire sketchbook.

Her work is in private collections around the world.

She is mostly likely to draw a faerie or mermaid.

Typically she works in miniature art.

Her favorite place to draw is in bed.

She has a degree in Geology--not art.

Has recently been experimenting with new mediums--thanks to Sketchbox.

Check her out on:

Instagram: @shannahhill

Deviant Art:

Etsy: artbyhannah

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Posted 11/28/2016

Saturday was comic book delivery day over here and I have to say there's nothing like opening a big box of comics!  When I started ordering from Discount Comic Book Service, I opted for the monthly delivery, as opposed to weekly or every two weeks, which are also options.  I figured, correctly, that a once-monthly shipment would give me time to read other things as well, which I wasn't getting a whole lot of with weekly comics.  So this month, my daughter only got 3--should have been a few more, but they haven't shipped yet, I guess--my son got 6, and I got ... 17!  Click the covers to read along with us.  And here's the haul:






























































(and, to be fair, I got myself all the Batmans, as well, but I didn't want to include the covers twice.)

Then I realized I was missing a few issues.  I'm still working on filling in the gap between when Hastings stopped getting new comics and when my first DCBS order went through.  And since, when ordering through them, you have to order two months in advance, I was obviously going to miss a few.  So when I got this order, I then had to go to and order a few digital comics to fill in some gaps.  Here's what else I got:











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CURRENTLY READING: Wolverine: Rot, by Cullen Bunn

Posted 11/11/2016

Wolverine: Rot, by Cullen Bunn


When Wolverine begins experiencing stretches of lost time and wakes up covered in human remains, he sets out to unravel the dark mystery behind a gruesome nationwide series of murders and the man who is tinkering inside his head.  But when a witness fingers the X-Man and Avenger as the monster responsible for the lobotomized corpses and authorities close in, Wolverine hunts down the man he believes responsible: the psychopathic psychologist Dr. Rot!  Delve into the treacherous depths of Wolverine's tortured mind as the mad doctor exploits his years of psychological trauma to bring him to his knees!  When Rot's brutal brain surgery reverts Wolverine to a stone-cold killing machine, can he break the doctor's hold over his mind before he hurts his loves ones and loses everything?

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CURRENTLY READING: George R.R. Martin's Doorways

Posted 11/10/2016

George R.R. Martin's Doorways

 Dr. Thomas Mason had a regular life, with a regular job, and a regular girlfriend. Until one night, zapped from somewhere else, a mysterious young woman named Cat ends up in his E.R. Pursued by the government and twisted creatures from her own world, Cat inadvertently embroils Tom in her quest for freedom. Which takes him to alternative Earth's he never imagined — and which he may never get back from!

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CURRENTLY READING: Epilogue, by Niles and Hotz

Posted 11/9/2016

 Epilogue, by Steve Niles and Kyle Hotz

What if the thing that gave you your greatest power was your greatest enemy?  Writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and artist Kyle Hotz (Man-Thing) present an all-new series featuring the ultimate avenger/outsider.  Filled with bloody action and underworld intrigue, Epilogue is the tale of an ordinary man whose desperate need for vengeance transforms him into a supernatural force for justice!

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CURRENTLY READING: Devi Vol. 2: Samvara

Posted 11/8/2016

Devi Volume 2: Samvara

The power of the goddess is unrivaled. Forged by the strength of the gods, the force the goddess Devi retains is meant to bring balance among gods and men. But the current Devi Incarnate is different. Her female host, Tara Mehta, is still alive and struggles to comprehend the awesome responsibility she now faces. Humanity is threatened by the fallen Lord Bala and salvation rests in the hands of a goddess-torn in two. Devi wields the power of the gods, but now the virtue that makes the female entity so distinct, yet so vulnerable: compassion. The Divine and Diabolical collide in an epic battle, culminating in a night of reckoning in Devi: Samvara, the exciting sequel to the first trade paperback!

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Posted 11/7/2016

The Covenant, by Aron Coliete and Tone Rodriguez

Your teenage years are a time of carefree fun, excitement, exploration and discovery.  But when four teens discover they're about to become the most powerful warlocks in the world, a little fun today can mean big trouble tomorrow.

When murders begin near the boys' summer camp, suspicion falls on one of their own.  Can they retain their bond and find the truth?  Or will the covenant be broken?


Basis for the 2006 movie of the same name.

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Posted 10/29/2016

Actually, these came yesterday, but I had to go to work, so I didn't get to really sort through and enjoy them until today.  With the demise of Hastings, I'm ordering online now from Discount Comic Book Service, having them shipped once a month (you can have your books shipped weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and this was my first shipment.  My daughter got 5, my son got 5, and I got 14 (some of which were back issues I missed at Hastings).  Click the covers to read along.  Here's the haul:












































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Marvel Collector Corps. October 2016: Doctor Strange.

Posted 10/25/2016

A knock on the door before I left for work yesterday signaled the mail and this month's Marvel Collector Corps. box.  The theme: DOCTOR STRANGE!











 I have to admit I was a little disappointed that EVERY version of Strange in this box was the Funko version.  But still, it's a Doctor Strange box of goodies.  Who'd have thought when I started collecting way back in 1986 that I'd see a box of exclusively Doctor Strange items?

I got this great coffee mug to add to my other Marvel cups (Star Lord, and Venom), a floating astral Funko Pop Doctor Strange.  There's this shirt that I'm wearing today, and the first issue of the new Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer's Supreme comic.  And finally the obligatory pin and patch.

Next month: X-Men.  I'm waiting as patiently as I can, which isn't very patient at all.

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LOOT CRATE, October: Horror!

Posted 10/23/2016

Friday was LOOT CRATE DAY!!!  And I've been trying to wait for this one as patiently as possible: the theme this month was HORROR!  Here's what I got:











First up, this Exclusive Legion of Regrettable Supervillains book.

Next, exclusive Freddy Krueger chopsticks!

An exclusive Leatherface Phunny Plush. 

One of my favorite Loot Crate shirts yet, this exclusive AMC's The Walking Dead Negan Sluggers T-shirt.

Finally, this awesome, and exclusive, Camp Crystal Lake pennant.

Plus, the bottom of the box was perforated for this killer cutout Walker mask!  It's gnarly as hell and I can't wait to wear it next time I go to my mother's.

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