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News & Events for C. Dennis Moore

Movie Talk-Friday: Atlas Shrugged on DVD

Posted 1/30/2015

No, I haven't watched any of these yet.  I was waiting for the final part of come out before I dove in.  But now I have them all three and will watching of these days.  But that's not because I don't want to, i very much want to see these movies.  As a long-time lover of the original novel, I'm dying to see how the material is treated in a movie.  My problem, there's a new cast for each movie.  I mean, what the FUCK???  These movies were made one after another, but the main characters are played by different people in every one?  That boggles my mind.  And it makes no damn sense.  Anyway, if you loved the novel as much as I did, just FYI the movie(s) is (are) out on DVD now:


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New Music Haul.

Posted 1/29/2015

I don't buy a lot of new music anymore.  That's because 1) I don't listen to music very often and 2) I don't often find anything lately, that's new, worth buying.  But the past couple of weeks, I have purchased 2 new CDs.  I haven't listened to either of them, of course, but I did buy them.  That's a start:


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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 1/28/2015

Excellent haul this week!  Then again, any week with THREE Avengers titles is a good week.  Not to mention, for my son, FOUR Batman titles.  Good stuff.  So he got 4, my daughter got 1, and I got 12 this week.  Here's the haul:







































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Currently Reading:

Posted 1/26/2015

An intimate peek into the process of writing a novel, from A to Z, with nothing held back.

Part hero’s journey, part crash course in storytelling by the modern mavericks of indie publishing, and the bestselling authors of Write. Publish. Repeat., ffers something that’s never been offered before: a naked look into two writer’s process as they wrote and published a book in 30 days, from scratch, in front of the world. 

In 2013 Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant wrote and published 1.5 million words (a Harry Potter series and a half's worth of fiction). The next year they showed the world how they did it.

In May 2014, Johnny and Sean, along with their third partner David Wright, launched a Kickstarter campaign to see if their fans wanted to see how they wrote behind closed doors. They promised to start their newest project without knowing their story, characters, or even their genre, and publish the final draft before their 30 days were up. They promised to capture every email, every story meeting, and every word from every draft. They promised to show every molecule of their process, warts and all.

They had 30 days for their fans to green light the campaign. It fully funded in 11 hours. Fiction Unboxed is as revealing as it is inspiring, engendering new levels of creativity in and empowering readers and writers as much as it will entertain them. With actionable advice that will benefit any writer, this book is a true gem for anyone who loves a well told story.

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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 1/21/2015

It's NEW COMICS DAY!!!  But first, there was mail on the porch when I got home from work last night:













I'm pretty psyched about them and hope to order more this weekend.  I only have three more Akira and Sandman books to get before I've got the whole set (Akira 4 will finally get into stories I haven't read yet), but there are still several more Swamp Things to get.

Now to this week's haul.  My daughter got 2, my son got 4, and I came home with 8, so here's what we got:

















































Somehow I totally missed the new Amazing Spider-Man, so I'll have to go back and see if it's there. If not, for whatever reason, I'll just get it digital as I plan to do with these books, also out this week:


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TV Talk-Tuesday: Not Quite Caught Up.

Posted 1/20/2015

Not much of a TV post today.  I've been working a lot lately and haven't been watching anything except on the weekends, and even then how much I get caught up on depends on how late I slept and that depends on how late I worked the night before.  This last weekend I worked pretty late.  I did watch "Cutthroat Kitchen" and "Chopped", plus the first two episodes of "MasterChef Junior", but still haven't got to "Constantine" or "Gotham."  One great thing I got to watch was the new episode of "Portlandia", which I have FINALLY found on television instead of waiting for it on Netflix.  And since I just watched the latest season only a couple of months ago, this is great news because now I don't have to wait a whole year or so for the next season to show up.

The episode, "The Fiancee" was pretty funny, especially Justin Long's appearance, but I was disappointed that the entire episode only contained one story.  I love the many stories and skits they do, and am always less thrilled when the episode has one connecting story through the whole thing.  But either way, it's "Portlandia" so it's going to be good no matter what.

Another TV comment, when I heard Netflix was losing a lot of its BBC shows, many of which I had in my queue, I had to take what time I had left in the month and decide what I had time to watch.  The classic "Doctor Who" episodes were out, because I had only made it through the first two seasons and there simply wasn't going to be time to finish it, so I skipped it and went on to "The Office".  I haven't watched the US version in years, but these 14 episodes of the UK version are easily a hundred times funnier than the US version's funniest moment.  I have a new found respect for Martin Freeman.  If you haven't bothered with the UK "Office", I suggest you do so real soon.  I have read, luckily, that many UK shows have in fact been renewed by Netflix, so "The Office" and "Doctor Who Classics" will now NOT be disappearing come February 1st.

That's great news.

What are you watching lately?  Tweet me at @CDennisMoore and let me know.

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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 1/14/2015

Dammit, I'm slipping back into the habit of only posting weekly on New Comic Day.  I promise I'll get back on track.  I've just been losing a lot of time the past week or so due to writing "The Werewolves of Green Lake" and dozing off during the day.  Among other things.  I had to replace the drain hose on my dishwasher this morning, then struggle to get the thing back into place and secure it again, which took longer than it should.  Just little stuff like that that tends to eat away the time every day.  Anyway, so this week a lot of great stuff came out.  My son got 2, my daughter got 2, and I got 9, plus there were a couple I'll have to get digital because my Hastings has decided, apparently, to stop ordering them.  Whatever.

So here's the haul:





































I know, I know, I said I was going to stop buying Green Lantern Corps and just read the trades, but then I found out it's being cancelled with issue #40 anyway, so I figured I might as well buy the last three issues.

The one that came out this week that I couldn't get in the store was

 That's two months in a row I've had to get this one digitally and it's pissing me off.  There's nothing wrong with digital, but it's Ted McKeever and that deserves to be owned in a physical form, something to put on your shelf and admire.  So hopefully there's a collected edition soon.










And finally I picked up a couple of trades while I was there:

 I found this last one in hardcover, and it was $7 cheaper than the trade paperback.  It was marked USED, but it was still sealed, so whatever.

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This Week's Comics Haul.

Posted 1/7/2015

I'm C. Dennis Moore, and if you don't know Wednesday is New Comic Day, then fk you.

Or not.  Sorry, I just get worked up over my comics.  Anyway, today was new comic day, as previously established, so let's see what we got.  After the pittance that was last week, it's good to see a lot of new covers on the racks, including a few highly anticipated releases.  My son got 3, while the rest are mine (none for my daughter or my oldest son, but only because nothing they read came out this week, not because I don't love them enough).  So here's the haul:

















































In addition, I picked up a couple of trades this week, too:


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Writing "The Werewolf of Green Lake" day 1

Posted 1/6/2015

I started writing "The Werewolf of Green Lake" today, the first in the Monsters of Green Lake books and I'm 1171 words into it.  Not terrible.  I've done better, and I thought today would be one of those days.  On the other hand, the story takes place over 10 days, from Friday to Sunday of the following week, and what I wrote today covers that first Friday.  I would like to be able to say I'll write a day in the story every day I write, but I'm anticipating a story close to 25,000-30,000 words and I've set a deadline for the first draft of Saturday, January 24th.  That gives me 19 days of writing, including today.  That leaves me time enough, if I work on it EVERY DAY from now until then, that I can take two days to write each day of the story.  Of course, 13 of those days are weekdays, and that means school days, and that means I've got the house to myself all day.  So, really, I SHOULD be able to get a day for a day.  The problem with committing to that is I know how life happens.  Tomorrow is new comic day.  I'll get SOME writing done, but will I get enough to do all of "Saturday"?  I can't promise it.

And I really thought having it plotted out would make the actual writing part fly by.  That didn't happen either.  Sure, I know what happens in the story, I've got it blocked out and such, but knowing where the characters move and what they do and what they say is different from MAKING them do it through words.  Besides if it was so easy as just writing out the plot, that would be the story.

Then there's the issue of dropping a not so subtle clue in the first scene, which, as I developed the plot further, became moot, but then left the first scene lacking.  So I had to figure out what was missing to help flesh out the scene and draw it to a satisfying conclusion.

I'm happy with what I have.  It will tie in and help inform what happens later, and it establishes the main character and some of his struggles.  It's a good start.  It's going to get even better.  Much better, in fact.

For a sneak peek, here's what I wrote about today:


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Green Lake, Angel Hill, more writing updates.

Posted 1/5/2015

Instead of a comic book post today I'm going to give a writing update.

I've just finished plotting the first Green Lake story, "The Werewolf of Green Lake" and it's going to be friggin' awesome.  I love how the plot came together, much better than I was expecting when I started it, just hoping to lay down a general idea of things that needed to happen, but this plot is pretty tight and complex and I'm thrilled with it.  It's also a lot longer than I had anticipated, ending at 3530 words of just plot.  When I write it, I'm expecting probably over 30,000 words in the end.  But it's going to be worth it.  I don't think I could be more pleased with this story and I can't wait to get started on the writing of it.

Meanwhile, yesterday RETURN TO ANGEL HILL went live!!!

David Bain's psychic detective Will Castleton (DEATH SIGHT, THE CASTLETON FILES) investigates C. Dennis Moore's haunted town of Angel Hill (THE THIRD FLOOR, THE GHOSTS OF MERTLAND)! 

Paranormal investigator Will Castleton''s psychic friend Mazie calls on Will to accompany her when she's forced to return to her horror-infested hometown of Angel Hill, Missouri - a town she fled decades before, having been psychologically shattered by a harrowing vision in the woods. A death in the family pulls Mazie back to Angel Hill, but soon after stepping foot on her native soil, she and Will are caught up by spectral forces that twist a ghastly crime from the town's past into an all-too terrifying present. 

From David Bain's ghost-ridden town of Green River, Michigan (GRAY LAKE, UNTIL YOU CAN SCREAM NO MORE) to C. Dennis Moore's spectral city in darkest Missouri (THE FLIP, THE MAN IN THE WINDOW) and back again, RETURN TO ANGEL HILL is a supernatural crime-suspense thrill ride you won't be able to put down! 

NOTE: RETURN TO ANGEL HILL is intended as a stand-alone novel from later in Will Castleton's career and is not a direct sequel to DEATH SIGHT. The chronological sequel to DEATH SIGHT is PURGATORY BLUES - coming soon!


It's introduced at $2.99 and is, for now, only available on Kindle, with the print copy in the works pretty soon.  Click here to get it US and here to get it in the UK.  If you like the book, please leave a review and help spread the word.


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